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A totally different kind of hypnotist.

A stage show like no other.

There is no stage. YOU, the audience, ARE THE STAGE!


It’s more than a show.

It’s an exploration of the power of the mind.

It’s edutainment.


Feel the magic and mystery of modern hypnosis while we explore its outermost boundaries up close and personal and my reality becomes your reality for 90 minutes.

Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to have a hypnotic experience that may change their life.

Entertaining, Educational, Mind Enhancing


Some comments from our friends...

As an entertainment hypnotist with over a decade of stand-up mentalism shows, I would be afraid to try what Roland, aka The People Whisperer, accomplishes with an audience- Luke Brady, Master Hypnotist, Mentalist, Magician

I still don’t believe what I saw. How did you do that?- Lan

He glued a business card to my hand; in my mind, I could not drop it. .. he locked my hand to my head and I could not move it. I tried & tried... Then my other hand, same thing. I stood there 2 hands glued to my head... Next thing I knew I was stuck to a chair! Beyond that he taught us to find a special place, & look at things completely different, to tear barriers down you didn’t even know about.- Michael

I went to his show and he is awesome! I can’t wait to work with him.- Franklin

He’s the real deal- Rick


Fundraisers, Corporate and Group Events

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