The Future of Stage Hypnosis is here

The idea for "Beyond Self Hypnosis" actually came to me in the middle of a sleepless night.  I was never really interested in stage hypnosis because the traditional approach is more about skill in the selection of volunteers than it is about being a skilled hypnotist. One night I had the idea to throw out all of the rules and eliminate the stage.  I asked myself what would happen if I took the show into the audience;  If I used the stage as a forum to show people the real power of hypnosis and how it can change people's lives; If I set my intention to give every person in the audience a real hypnotic experience if they wanted to have one?  "Beyond Stage Hypnosis" was born. 

I consulted with other professional hypnotists, comedians, and other performers.  While they thought it was an awesome idea, they also thought I was crazy because the risk of failure was high, but successful execution would take stage performance of hypnosis to a new level. 

Who am I? Roland Berg, People Whisperer, Master+ Hypnotist  
I was personally selected, by Igor Ledochowski, as one of the charter members of the Hypnosis Training Academy Mastermind Group to explore the limits and future of modern hypnosis.  As a result, I have developed skills and understanding that go far beyond those of traditional hypnosis. While others simply, mechanically, do hypnotism, what we have come to think of as "beyond hypnosis" is an integral part of who I am today. 

A professional master hypnotist, I haves been fortunate to have been trained certified by three of the most highly regarded instructors in the world: Igor Ledochowski (Conversational Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis, Conversational HypnosisMastery, Applied Conversational Hypnosis, Ericksonian Story Telling), the late Jeffrey Stephens (Basic and Advanced Authoritarian (Direct) Hypnosis, Street Hypnosis) and David Quigley (Somatic Healing™). This combination of instructors and disciplines provides me with a comprehensive and diverse set of skills to address a variety of situations.

 I have been told that I am not your typical hypnotist.  Most who train in hypnosis try it out for a while on close family and friends, I, on the other hand, jumped straight into the deep end of the pool.  I immediately began working with military veterans who had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Traumatic Brain Injury.  As a result, I have developed a fast and effective protocol for dealing with the effects of each of these.  This led to an interview with Igor as part of his master hypnotist series where we discussed my rapid trauma recovery protocol in detail.

When I recently told Igor that I had once again jumped into the deep end of the pool by performing stage hypnosis from the audience, he replied "You certainly like to take the road less traveled! But then again, you also learn faster and get a much deeper insight into the hypnotic process by taking risks like this!”

Someone at a meeting asked if what I did was hypnosis. I said I'd call it hypnotic rather than Hypnosis.  I constantly use hypnotic principles but rarely use what most think of as hypnosis.


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